Taymoor Pilehvar is an immigration lawyer, a published academic author, and a public speaker.  He prioritizes the client and prepares cases with attention to detail.  Taymoor is the son of an immigrant and understands the impact that immigration has on families, businesses, and communities.

Immigration Attorney

Taymoor Pilehvar has extensive knowledge and demonstrated success in all areas of immigration practice, including but not limited to:

● EB-1, O-1
● EB-2/EB-3/PERM
● E-1/E-2, EB-5
● L-1, TN
● H-1B, E-3
● H-3 and J-1
● H-2A/H-2B
● P-1/P-2/P-3

● ICE enforcement issues
● Corporate I-9 audits
● “Crimmigration”
● RFE responses / I-290B appeals
● Mandamus
● Naturalization
● Family-based petitions
● Federal court litigation
● Waivers

Academic Author, Activist, and Public Speaker

Taymoor Pilehvar is on the National Board of Publications for the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).  He was published in AILA’s inaugural Law Journal for his article entitled “How Much Blood to Cross the Northern Border? Reconsidering the Blood Quantum Requirement of INA § 289.”  Taymoor is an alumnus advisor to the OU College of Law Center for International Business and Human Rights, which is a think tank organization that focuses its scholarship, legal engagement, events, and courses on human rights issues connected to the energy and extractive sectors and Internet and Communication Technology (ICT) companies.  In its legal engagement, the Center provides academic think tank support to multi-stakeholder initiatives in these fields.

Taymoor Pilehvar wrote a chapter in the textbook “Nuclear Non-Proliferation in International Law (Volume IV) Black-Branch, Jonathan L., Fleck, Dieter (Eds.).  His chapter is entitled “If the Government Errs, Corporate Losses are Their Own to Bear: Corporate Best Practices for Indigenous Engagement in the Uranium Industry.”   He served as a panelist at two conferences on nuclear non-proliferation hosted by the University of Manitoba. One was entitled “Human Dimensions and Perspectives in a Nuclear World” and the other “Regional Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament: Controls, Defence and Diplomacy.”

Taymoor Pilehvar taught an immigration law overview course at a legal education seminar for the Oklahoma Bar Association.  Also, Taymoor gave a presentation on skilled employment options for large companies at a regional conference for SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management.